---------- PRESS RELEASE 19.04.2018 ----------

At the threshold of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, Arter Oy ja Cybermind Oy have begun a cooperacion, where Cybermind exploits Arter's software for clients' privacy and enterprise architecture projects. Cybermind is a reseller and consultant partner for ARC-software developed by Arter.

"The EU's GDPR obliges organisations to demonstrate that they comply with the Privacy Policy. The ARC software privacy management model has been developed for this purpose. Data protection management model is quick and easy to use. It is also scalable for organisations of various sizes and has become a major tool for many organisations when preparing for this legal change. Cybermind's enterprise architectural expertise, expertise in data protection and security, coupled with an agile tool, creates our customers a safe alternative, "says Sales Director of Arter Oy Timo Kumpulainen.

”The ARC software data protection management model is simple and straightforward to use. It's easy to describe a plan of how to use personal data in your organisation. Guidelines in line with the new regulation are compiled in a data protection policy for the staff, and that can be used as a base for coherent training material available to all. Data warehousing and system descriptions made in data protection projects serve as a good basis for the development of the enterprise architecture of the company, which ARC also supports very well", comments Cybermind Oy's partner Jouni Selin.

Cybermind is a consulting firm specialised in technology management, helping companies to innovate and effectively respond to the challenges of digital transformation. Arter is a Finnish software company celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Arter is known as the developer of ARC and IMS software.

Arter ® ARC is available as SaaS, and have the language options of Finnish and English. With the Arter ® ARC, connections between registers, databases and systems can be visualised to see where the data is physically located. Arter ® ARC data protection management model provides a clear structure for all documents and descriptions required by the regulation.

More information:

Timo Kumpulainen, Sales Director,, p. 045 141 6423
Jouni Selin, Partner,, p. 040 725 2533

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