Thank you for the past year – Greetings from the MD

At Arter, we thank our customers, personnel, and partners for last year and wish everyone a Happy New Year 2022!

In this post, I highlight the stars of the past year and the springboards of Arter’s future.

Strengthening security and continuity at Arter

This past year was even more affected by Covid-19 than the previous one. However, Finland has joined the growth and Arter has figured out how to act in a changed business environment.

It is well known that when organizations and businesses face obstacles and are forced to change, communities are often highly innovative, evolve, and respond quickly. At Arter we have created new operating models and best teleworking practices are documented in our IMS and ARC software. At the same time, like many other companies, we have taken a digital and productivity leap, both on the cost and revenue side – more with less.

During 2021, we have stabilized the best practices of our owner organization Total Specific Solutions in our operations.

In addition, we earned Great Place to Work and ISO 27001 certifications for our operations. The ISO 27001 certificate for information security management is a concrete indication that we protect our own operations as well as our customers’ operations and information.

We have renewed our operations in accordance with the operating environment and the spirit of the times. The thanks for this belong to all Arterians – thank you!

Our goal is to be an excellent workplace

We have thought about what it means to be a good company. A good company is not too money centric. Success is created under favorable circumstances. The role of management is to set priorities, get processes started, pave the way, and create the right conditions for success.

This path we have defined in Arter’s strategy for 2022-2024.

Like a coin, our goals have two sides – growth and development. We believe that growth is followed by everything good – for personnel, customers, and owners.

By developing our operations and expertise, we create a foundation for growth.

We strive for favorable conditions, good corporate culture, and a cycle of good to which everything is connected. Our goal is to be an excellent workplace. Our interest is focused on software and services developed in customer cooperation.

We aim for long-term customer relationships, value creation and verifiable results. Ultimately, we want to grow, acquire new customers and be profitable.

In short, our future goals relate to:

  • the Employee Value Proposition,
  • customer cooperation,
  • long-term customer relationships and
  • growth.

Sustainable development

Our mission is “Aid for Managing Operations”. Organizations are subject to mandatory requirements such as:

  • ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, 22001 or 13485,
  • regulations such as GDPR and the Act on Information Management in Public Administration, and
  • ESG (Environmental, Safety and Governance).

We respond to these challenges with Arter’s IMS and ARC services.

Arter’s IMS and ARC software are cloud services where we have gathered all our understanding and expertise to meet the requirements of the organization. In the user interface, various requirements have been opened as visual and guiding frameworks.

The solutions and services created have proven to work. Many of our customers using Arter’s software are certified or have received other recognitions such as quality awards.