The Arter ® product family is designed to assist and aid all kinds of organisations achieve success. We make it easy to secure and manage your business from within, so you can focus on growing it outwards. We offer extensive management system software, focusing on QMS and Enterprise Architecture.

Our software have been developed to enable our client organisations support their day-to-day business. IMS and ARC software can be applied for many purposes depending on your business goals.


Arter ® IMS is the perfect platform for your quality management and integrated management systems. The core functionalities of Arter ® IMS are process mapping, document and risk management, feedback and evaluation processing, measuring results, and compiling manuals. These various areas together form a comprehensive quality management system.


Arter ® ARC is a tool for planning and visualizing different business areas: strategy, goals, processes, information, technology, integrated management systems and enterprise architecture. Content and concepts are easily interlinked and can be supplemented with more detailed descriptions from different perspectives to give you a comprehensive overview of the business. This overall picture can help improve decision-making, for example predicting change impacts.