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Arter is a Finnish consulting firm whose roots are in software development. We believe that there are no magic tricks for business development. Business development requires knowledge, technology and perseverance. We provide both expert training and modern technology to support your business.


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The story of Arter

The founders of Arter, Ossi Ritola ja Jussi Moisio worked in the 1990s as the main evaluators of the Finnish Standards Association. The ISO 9001 standard had just been published and it created a wave of the certification of quality management systems in Finland. From the evaluation of quality management, Ossi and Jussi quickly moved to evaluating environmental and safety systems.

In 1998, Ossi and Jussi became entrepreneurs. In the beginning, the company was called Qualitas Fennica. It focused on building systems, evaluating capabilities and supporting leadership. Important concepts such as Lean, 5S, BSC and Six Sigma were explored and applied thoroughly. In essence, it was always about business development - only the perspective changed depending.

Clients were more than satisfied with the training and material they received, but they needed an internet-based platform to support development. The question arose of how to build systems, visualize processes and create metrics. IMS-software was created as a solution. The company operated under the name IMS Business Solutions Solutions from 2001-2017.

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Arter is a strong expert organisation whose roots are in software development. Our core values are listening to our clients, flexibility, humanity and high quality workmanship. We are growing rapidly and we see a bright future. At Arter, it's all about people. Would you fit in our team?

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