Arter ® ARC is a tool for planning and visualizing different business areas: strategy, goals, processes, information, technology, integrated management systems and enterprise architecture. Content and concepts are easily interlinked and can be supplemented with more detailed descriptions from different perspectives to give you a comprehensive overview of the business. This overall picture can help improve decision-making, for example predicting change impacts.

Enterprise Architecture to Support Strategy

Many organisations feel that managing the organisation as a whole is challenging and fragmented. Especially, at the moment of change, the implementation of a new strategy requires tools and enhanced action.

We provide you with a tool to make relations between different functions easier to understand. Arter ® ARC is perfect for change management, for both enterprise architecture and support of a new brand strategy or service design.


What parts form your business? With Arter ® ARC you can understand the dynamics of your organisation, visualise both networks between different parties and your activities in a whole new way.


The Blueprint Drawing Editor allows you to draw visual charts directly in Arter ® ARC. The editor comes with diverse drawing features and the Modeling Tool supports the most common business notations - BPMN, ArchiMate, UML, Lean VSM, and ER.


Portfolios document the desired parts of the business. You can create portfolios, such as feature tables, from which you can define the desired quantity of feature data in the desired format. In feature tables, it is possible to show the distribution and aggregation of certain types of columns.


To visualise your evolving business, the software creates a complete picture of your business' changes. By anticipating the impacts of change, you can make more knowledgeable decisions.

What can Arter ® ARC do for your company?

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