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We help companies and organisations develop their business without compromising on quality.

Software Services

Software Services

The Arter ® product family is designed to set up organisations for success, be they garage-based start-ups, global megacorporations or anywhere in between. Arter ® makes it easy to secure and manage your business from within, so you can focus on growing it outwards. We offer extensive management system software, focusing on QMS and Enterprise Architecture.

Our software has been developed to assist our client organisations to support their day-to-day business. IMS and ARC software can be applied for many purposes depending on business goals. Our software is available as SaaS (IMS can also be installed on an organisation's own server).

Arter ® IMS

The perfect platform for your quality management system. Arter ® IMS is an innovative, intuitive and easy-to-use development platform for organisations of all sizes. With Arter ® IMS, you maintain your business in line with quality standards.

Arter ® IMS is a comprehensive management system, it’s fully scalable, browser-based and available as SaaS.

Arter ® ARC

Adapting to organisational changes can be a daunting endeavor, but it is something that is natural and reoccurring in a business lifecycle. Change always creates new information, and keeping track of everything – data, people, processes – can prove difficult.

Arter ® ARC is a powerful way of approaching enterprise architecture, organisational change and service design.

Professional Services

Professional Services

For the best results, we recommend an overall solution. Our Professional Service packages include software as well as user exercises and expert training. Let's create a more profitable business model for your organisation together.



With Lean methods we can streamline your business processes to better meet customer needs. 

Do you know how much there is loss in the processes? We will provide you with a pre-built project that will showcase the right development targets and help to sketch the future state.


Is your organisation ready for General Data Protection Regulation? 

With our service managing your data is simple. We offer an overall solution that includes both a tool for information management and tailor-made training.


Cyber Security

Start improving your organisation's cyber security in simple steps.

With our software and the principles of Enterprise Architecture you can map your organisation's assets, information streams and take control over risks.

Training Services


With Arter's Enterprise Architecture service you get started quickly in describing your business as a whole.

The project describes the most important parts of the enterprise architecture with ARC software. The finished metamodel and Arter's experts guide the production of the descriptions.


Is the target group identified and the Customer Journey mapped?

Arter's service includes Arter Business Model Canvas, Customer Journey, Service Blueprint. Arter provides you with the best experts and professional software.

Training Services

With years of experience on countless projects in processes, Quality Management and Integrated Management System, we give you the tools to raise your professional skills to a new level. We welcome you to participate in the training services of Qualitas Fennica, regardless of your field of expertise and industry - sign up now!
Open Training

Our field of expertise is process management, measurement, training of auditors, quality systems, environmental management systems, security systems and Lean.

Private training
Organisation-specific private training can be designed and tailored just for you. Training is then carried out with the needs and special desires of your organisation.
QF Training Programs
Our training programs take 2 to 4 days depending on the subject. Our training programs allow full immersion in the subject matter, compared with shorter versions.

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