Spring review – Greetings from the Managing Director

Coming out stronger from the Covid-19 crisis

The strange spring plagued by the coronavirus pandemic is turning into summer. From a health perspective, the situation already looks a little brighter. On a global scale, Finland has done well in preventing the spreading of the disease. From an economic point of view, however, the situation is slightly different. The crisis has affected many companies. For the government, Autumn will be difficult.

Many businesses are now considering how the crisis could strengthen them and what can be learned from the situation. The same goes for Arter. The question to ask is: How do we improve our competitiveness after this?

Digital services in sales, training, customer service and product development have taken a digital leap. Our employees created themselves remote workspaces at home and quickly began using remote meeting opportunities and information sharing. When switching to telecommuting, at Arter we emphasized community, well-being and the responsibility of supervisors. Challenges were met with, for example, daily team meetings, virtual coffee breaks and joint remote break workouts.

Lots of travel time, fuel and mileage have been saved. I read on the website of the World Wildlife Fund WWF that this year the Covid-19 crisis has postponed the Earth Overshoot Day by three weeks. The crisis has shown that it is possible to change consumption – even in the short term.

On the verge of something new

It feels like we are on the verge of something new. So much has happened that we can no longer return to the starting point. It no longer exists. Some of the new practices have come to stay.

The best would be, if employees and employers could work together to decide on flexible working hours. This would also be reflected in personnel satisfaction. It should be emphasized, however, that teleworking also brings responsibility. It requires even more careful supervision and guidance. Undoubtedly, remote connections have made operations more efficient in routines, but they do not completely replace face-to-face interactions. In jobs that require creativity, remote communication sometimes makes the conversation quite dry.

In the first half of the year, we at Arter have introduced a lot of new good practices. We have reorganized our operations, as well as set current goals. We will continue to focus on the development of our main products IMS and ARC software, and involve our customers more directly in product and service development. We want to focus on the needs of our customers and help them meet the challenges they face. We expect steady growth towards the end of the year. There is a need for Arter’s products and services regardless of the development of the pandemic.

Wish you all a nice and sunny summer!

Ossi Ritola
Managing Director