A Quick Start to Enterprise Architecture

The benefits of enterprise architecture without years of effort to describe the current state of an organization. Many of the organizations I have met are dreaming about this, this is what Arter’s Enterprise Architecture Quick Start service offers.

Enterprise architecture as a concept is known rather well in Finland and organizations also recognize the areas in which enterprise architecture would provide tools.

However, the same problems persist regardless of the organization: The lack of an overall picture, the fragmentation of operating models, the formation of silos and the randomness of action, just to name a few.

In many organizations you can find an information system portfolio in Excel, where the information systems are depicted. Often you can also find the information about which organizational unit the system uses. Similarly, processes are often identified and at least in case of core processes, also described.  Business services are especially well known. The problem lies in combining information in the same place and how the information is connected. The truth is that every information system in an organization has been procured to implement a process, and each process is designed to implement either internal or external service to the organization.

How to take a quick start to enterprise architecture with Arter’s service

Our Enterprise Architecture Quick Start service is designed to help Arter’s client organizations to gather their services, processes and information systems in one place, and to recognize the connections between those.

What we offer is a lighter but goal-oriented approach to start and understand enterprise architecture work. In the service, we focus on creating a solid foundation for future business planning. With our expert, you will create a clear picture of the current state of the organization. We review what your core services are, which processes provide these services and which information systems the services and processes require to be able to deliver the best service to your customers in accordance with your value promises. When implementing a project, we can utilize a system portfolio, process listing or service listing previously made with Excel.

The project consists of five workshops, the first two of which will focus on the overall enterprise architecture and ARC software training. On the last three days we will model the organization’s enterprise architecture. As a result of these five days, with the support of our consultant, you will have modeled your organization in ARC software: Service Portfolio, Service Map, Process Portfolio, Process Map, Information System Portfolio, Information System Map and the Layered View of core services.

As a result, the project participants:

  • have learned the basics of enterprise architecture
  • master the use of ARC software
  • are able to model the current state of their organization’s enterprise

In addition, the know-how gained in the project enables the independent development of a more established enterprise architecture.

If you feel that your organization could benefit from enterprise architecture as a means of managing visual change, and that the light approach we have to the subject is most fruitful for your organization, contact me and we will schedule a meeting. This way we can go into more detail about how enterprise architecture and our Quick Start service can benefit your organization.