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Faster Product Development and Cost Savings for Fonecta with Arter ® ARC

Fonecta is a forerunner in digital marketing, sales and customer understanding, and its own renewal is a model example of the agile digitalisation of a business. Fonecta's mission is to help Finnish companies succeed in the digital world.

The enterprise architecture has been a part of developing Fonecta's business for a long time

The enterprise architecture has been a part of developing Fonecta's business for a long time, says the Head of Architecture Jarmo Kärkkäinen, who entered the company five years ago. He says that enterprise architecture work has accelerated product development, enabled customer-centric processes, and achieved significant cost savings. Currently, Fonecta focuses on, for example, to improve customer experience with data and analytics, and to implement more relevant products for customers.

Kärkkäinen was delighted with the ease of use of the software and that it is browser-based:

The browser-bade made it possible for the software to work with different operating systems, and the templates were easily accessed. Also the process designers liked ARC too, and it made it possible to make the processes and enterprise architecture to work seamlessly together.

ARC has been in active use for a long time with Fonecta. In addition to processes, In ARC it has been modeled information and IT architecture. In addition, the software is known to process owners and users. At Fonecta, about ten people actively use ARC in their work.

Usually, the software is used to know how new concept, problem solving, or development object is related. And we are developing something new all the time, so these descriptions are extremely useful, Kärkkäinen explains.

In his own presentations, Kärkkäinen can use the screenshots taken from the software and associate them with the presentation to facilitate the understandment of complex issues and relations. ARC thus works directly or indirectly as a means of communication.