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Arter ® ARC Supporting Change Management and Organizational Mergers

New Veikkaus was born when Veikkaus, RAY and Fintoto merged to one, to a company under the Veikkaus brand. Gambling services are produced with more than 2000 employees and over 400 systems. Common understanding of the issues is ensured through enterprise architecture, which is assured by Veikkaus Arter's experts and the Arter ® ARC.

Timo Kaaretsalo, Head of Enterprise Architecture at Veikkaus, got to know Arter and Arter © ARC already years ago when he was working at RAY with Enterprise Architecture. Good practices and ARC-tool were introduced also to Veikkaus.

Arter ® ARC was introduced originally for RAY Oy's enterprise architecture management. Now that big changes had been introduced, we were thinking about what tools to use to manage the integration project as a whole. Arter ® ARC was already proven to be a good tool, so we introduced it all over Veikkaus, Kaaretsalo says.

Understanding the whole is reflectedin a better customer experience

One of Veikkaus' most important cornerstones is customer satisfaction. The company strives to provide responsibly, both entertaining and versatile games and tools for managing own gaming. Enterprise architecture is needed to develop this whole.

The aim of the enterprise architecture is to get a common understanding of what is done at the company and at what level. It explains how systems, services, and work entities are related. Architecture is a common way of describing things that help us achieve our goals and bring added value to our customers, says Kaaretsalo.

Cooperation with Arter intensifies constantly

In addition to the Arter ® ARC, Veikkaus exploits Arter's enterprise architectural expertise more widely. Cooperation include regular expert meetings that aims to support Veikkaus in decisions for what to describe in the software.

Arter has responded well to our needs. We have concluded a maintenance contract with two consulting days per month. The consultants have been very competent and we have gotten good information on how to describe and introduce the information to the software, Kaaretsalo says.

Arter's knowledge of how we work and what aspects should be taken into account has been well known along the way. Arter ® ARC has a lot of ready-made models to describe things, and collaboration has helped us choose the right models.

My customer experience with Arter has been really pleasant. It is easy to work with Arter, and their work is flexible. Because of Arter and ARC-software we know now which systems are used, what their life cycle is and what kind of services they produce, says Kaaretsalo.