Greetings from the MD – Employee well-being, customer focus and information security at Arter

Summer vacation brings with it an expected opportunity to recover from work. Light, sun and nature energize us, and in the fall, we return refreshed to new challenges. As we know, holidays have a very positive effect on people’s well-being. Pleasant activities and hobbies as well as a change in the everyday environment increase effectiveness and well-being.

We invest in the well-being of our employees – in the beginning of 2021, we received the Great Place to Work Certificate in recognition of our progress

At Arter, we have paid special attention to the well-being of our personnel. We believe that well-being and corporate culture can foster a company’s success. In the spring, we received the Great Place to Work Certificate in recognition of our progress. In addition to this recognition, we received valuable benchmarking information in relation to the best employers in Finland:

  • in relation to which factors our employee experience is at a good level and
  • where development work still needs to be continued.

Ultimately, however, it is the personnel that makes the result, develops the products, and acquires and serves our customers.

We carry out product development of ARC and IMS software together with customers

During the spring, we introduced Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a customer loyalty indicator. NPS measures customer likelihood to recommend Arter as well as customer satisfaction with a single question. From the customer’s perspective, an NPS query is easy and quick to answer. For Arter, our intention is to map out causes and consequences, highlight the problems, and turn detractors into promoters.

In the future, we increasingly intend to develop our product family together with our customers. We will invite IMS and ARC software customers to join Special Interest Groups (SIG) where the functionalities of our products will be innovated together.

The purpose of the groups is to bring together practical needs and views, develop prototypes, review interim results, and test and validate products before release. The first SIG project, the Risk Module, has already been launched and is underway. The second project, which is the IMS Publishing SIG project, will launch during the fall of 2021.

Implementation of an information security management system at Arter and ISO 27001 certification

Information security is one of the most significant risk factors in a company’s daily life. In 2020, we launched a major development project to strengthen systematic information security practices, with the ISO 27001 certification as our goal.

An external certification audit was carried out in June 2021. As proof of the proven level of security, the ISO 27001 security management system certificate will be issued during the summer. The certificate covers all functions related to Arter’s software as well as expert and training services.

The future

And what does Arter want in the future? We want to be the most popular partner for quality management and enterprise architecture in Finland. In everyday doing, this means more contact with our customers.

In order for this to not be forgotten, we monitor progress with the number of customer contacts, NPS, the number of software customers and the turnover of consulting. So, let’s keep in touch.

Dear reader, I wish you a sunny and relaxing summer!